Think you know your limits? Think again.

Strongman Camp

What is Evolve Strongman Training? Get ready for some of the toughest and most rewarding training sessions you can get. With Evolve Strongman Training you get in great shape, you gain muscle and reduce body fat fast. Modified Strongman Training is a great way to build true, functional strength for your entire body. You will strengthen muscles that are nearly impossible to strengthen with traditional weight training. During these training sessions you will work with prowlers, farmer’s walks, ropes, tires, hammers, bungee’s etc.   The Commitment Evolve Strongman Training isn’t year round. We call it a special, or 10 week intensive course. Why? Because the way you will be training in the last quarter of the course you won’t be able to keep  that up for more than a few weeks. Actually, you’ll probably be glad when those 10 weeks are over.

let’s see what’s included

Level: Highly experienced, not meant for beginners. Duration: 90 minutes per session Minimum purchase: 10 sessions Every Saturday from 16:00 – 17:30  

Participation is only confirmed after we have received your payment a month in advance.

  Payment installments are not possible. Early payment = A guaranteed spot!   Start date: COMING SOON IN 2016