Move along guys
this one’s for the girls only.

Bikini Bootcamp

What is the Bikini Bootcamp?
Our Bikini Bootcamp is a high-intensity program that gets you results in the shortest time possible. To get those results you need to push your boundaries and this camp will help you do just that. Whether you are looking to increase muscle tone for the beach or fit into your wedding dress on your big day, we’ll help you get the results you want. You won’t just get a great workout, but you’ll also get cutting edge information on nutrition and supplements that will help you burn fat fast.  
The Commitment
6 weeks of your life, 4 intense hours of training a week, 21 days without gluten, dairy or processed foods, No Alcohol for 6 weeks! 8 hours of sleep every night, 100% commitment and a positive attitude.

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You’re only as good as your reputation says you are. So this is what some of our female clients have to say about us.

Let’s see what’s included

SORRY…TOO LATE! THis Bikini Bootcamp is SOLD OUT
Period: 6 weeks
1 hour per session
4 times per week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7.00 – 8.00 AM
Participation is only confirmed after we have received your payment a month in advance.
  Payment installments are not possible.
Early payment = A guaranteed spot!
Next Camp Starts: Monday the 9th of May 2016! 

Location: Evolve Personal Health Institute, Keizersgracht 124-sout, Amsterdam
*Supplements and medical testing not included, but available and for sale at Evolve.

You can also sign up by calling us: +31(0)20 223 7511

If you refer a friend for the BIKINI BOOTCAMP we will give you 1 FREE PT session for the first camp they commit to.


  • In 2011, my right shoulder started to give me problems. After a while, I couldn’t even lift my arm anymore. Several visits to the physiotherapist didn’t help one bit. Rubbing the sore spot alleviated the pain temporarily, but never produced any lasting results. When I mentioned my condition to a friend in Sander’s presence, he asked me if he could take a look. Interestingly enough, he didn’t pay any attention to my shoulder, but only to the muscles connected to it. He told me my neck and shoulders would be sore the next day and they were. The day after that, the pain was gone. I’m talking about a single intensive session eliminating my entire problem. After a few more treatments, the pain was gone completely and I have regained full functionality of my arm and shoulder. In my opinion, Sander has located the problem and applied the right therapy and given me the right exercises. His knowledge extends well beyond physiotherapy. He has given me tips and the motivation to change the way I look at my body and nutrition. In an easy-going manner, Sander has given me the tools to safeguard my health.

    Vivian Lion Sjin Tjoe
    Vivian Lion Sjin TjoeIndication Counter AWBZ at Bureau Jeugdzorg
  • Since March 2013, together with a friend, I have been training about twice a week with our senior trainer Bryan. Previously I wasn’t always in the mood for aerobic classes or the gym, but I am now actually looking forward to our weekly training sessions at Evolve. They’re always fun, it feels great, and the hour has passed before you know it. Mainly because Bryan keeps surprising and challenging us with a huge variety in exercises, and every couple of weeks he surprises us with a completely new program. I am always impressed how he keeps pushing us both, each at our own individual level. He doesn’t accept any excuses, but recognizes when we reach our limits. He is an absolute expert, and shares many useful tips & tricks when it comes to exercises and food. And best of all, I am actually feeling AND seeing some results!

    Alexandra Gevers
    Alexandra GeversBusiness Development Manager at IKEA
  • When I started out training with Sander, he first had a good look at my body, my weak points and my goals. In doing so, he taught me what I can demand from my body. During workouts, Sander always explains what you’re doing and why. He also teaches you a lot about nutrition and how your muscles work. I find it very motivating to know what you’re doing and whether you’re doing it right or wrong. Results came quickly and Sander’s training programs worked perfectly for me. Thanks!

    Sophie Hilbrand
    Sophie HilbrandDutch Television and Radio Hostess and Actress.
  • During the three months I’ve trained at Evolve, I never had to drag myself over there once. Before, there were times when I couldn’t motivate myself to go to the gym, but never felt that way because of the variety in workout routines. Mike and Sander really stimulate you and keep a close eye on your technique. Believe it or not, I’m lifting 80 kilos now! No pain no gain. That’s the only way I want it. Only if you’re dedicated and give it your all, that’s when you’ll get results. And it shows in the weekly measurements. They’re very precise and really let you track your progress, which is very motivating. Based on your readings, your schedule or diet can be adjusted if necessary to increase the efficiency of your training. And forget about sneaking in a weekend of partying, because it will show up in your tests. Believe me, I’ve tried. After working out, you can treat yourself to a massage, an infrared sauna session or a visit to a beautician – all under the same roof. I love it! But most of all I love the results I get at Evolve.

    Gigi Ravelli
    Gigi RavelliDutch actress and Host
  • I’ve had a lot of experience with personal trainers in both Amsterdam and London, but if you ask me, Michael Henskens is by far the best and most effective personal trainer I’ve ever worked with. Michael has mastered and keeps improving all techniques and expertise you would expect from a personal trainer. Being a smart guy, he knows exactly how to put together the perfect training schedule based on your wishes, goals and capabilities and how to adapt the program to gain maximum results.

    Ilona Brom
    Ilona BromManaging Director of Wilshire Private Markets
  • I’d like to put a very special personal trainer in the spotlight: Sander Beenders. As an actor, it’s important to be in good shape. But my busy and often irregular schedule can get in the way of staying fit. Over the past few years, Sander has managed to keep me in top shape through a combination of weight training and stretching, and he has always done so with a smile. I’m fully supporting him now that he has opened up his own personal training gym and I’ll definitely keep training with him in this great new spot.

    Waldemar Torenstra
    Waldemar TorenstraActor and TV Host
  • Our sessions are my weekly dose of fun and physical anguish. Mike combines fitness with flexibility exercises and yoga principles – a mix I had been looking for for years. I started out with five trial lessons to replenish my fitness knowledge, but never stopped going after that. Mike is relentless, always telling you to ignore the voice that says it hurts!

    Robert de Wilde
    Robert de WildeAttorney at Eaton BV
  • All my life, I’ve been performing at the highest athletic level, which sometimes leads to injuries that prevent me from training all out or even result in pain in everyday life. At the moment, I’m ranked no.1 in weight lifting in the masters category and I’m aiming for the world title in October. The only thing standing in my way is the pain in my back. Having had great experiences with Sander during my preparation for the European Championships, I turned to him once again to help me get rid of my pain. Already my aches are diminishing and I’m fully confident Sander will be able to fix me this time around in the run-up to the World Championships.

    Dio Deegenaars
    Dio DeegenaarsEuropean and World Record Holder Weightlifting
  • Before I started shooting the international feature film called '&ME' (release: march 2013), director Norbert ter Hall told me: you've got the skills to play this part, the looks to play this part, now you need the body to play this part. I immediately called Sander Beenders, with whom I'd been working before, and asked him: 'Sander, I need to become 'the beast' in five months. Can you make that happen?' He said: 'No. Only you can make that happen.' I was a bit scared. I wasn't to sure I had the motivation to go the extra mile. Sander helped me with my eating-schedule, and told me to train with him three or four times a week. And that I should stop drinking (as an actor, that's the hardest part). After months of training and changing my eating- and drinkingroutines, we started shooting the movie, and I was the beast. I owe it all to Sander, because he convinced me that I would be able to do it. It was hard work, but dedication and motivation made me do it. Thanks Sander!

    Teun Luijkx
    Teun LuijkxDutch Television and Theator Actor
  • After failing to catch a snatch, clean and jerk at the bottom position and after finding out that I could not do one miserable pistol due to poor mobilit y, let alone a decent overhead squat, I decided to give Sander a buzz to see if he could help me out of my “misery”. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but heck, I´d give it a shot anyway. Needless to say that I found out that was pretty much a stiff Betty. My mobility had left the building as it were. Active Stretching isn´t a form of yoga, it is a workout. Well to me it felt like one. I left sweating, I found even more weak spots but most of all I had a great time laughing at my weaknesses. Interestingly enough I noticed the difference quite quickly. My hips were much suppler, my lower back better yet, I got stronger. Yes indeed because the small muscles were doing their job too for a change! oh and guess what? I managed to do 50 pistols at the CrossFit Europe Regionals! How is that for progress? Thank you Sander!

    Carla Nunes da Costa
    Carla Nunes da CostaWinner of 2013 CrossFit Africa, CF Games Athlete.