3 Things we learned at iNutrition

by Michael Henskens 

As a gym owner and personal trainer, it’s always important to stay on top of your game. That means you need to stay up to date on latest findings in the personal training industry and improve your skill set by attending courses regularly. As world renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin told us at his BioSignature (Now BioPrint) course many years ago, you need to do at least five courses every year to separate yourself from ordinary to extraordinary in the fitness industry.

iNutrition Koln
And it was via one of Charles’s posts on Strength Sensei that my business partner and I came across a great personal training organisation in Australia called Clean Health, this is where Charles teaches most of his Australian courses. Even from the other side of the world, from a far Clean Health is clearly at the top of the field in the fitness industry. From the top down with founder Daine McDonald, the knowledge and experience of the coaches working there are just as equally impressive. So we didn’t have to think twice when we heard that Clean Health founder Daine McDonald was teaching a course in Germany along with his head of education Stefan Ianev.

So last month in Köln, Germany I attended the iNutrition Pro level 1 course, which upon reflection was one of the best courses I have done to date in the last decade in the fitness industry. There were many things I learned over the day but below I will report on the top three things I took away from it:


1) Understanding that most fat loss clients are already in a long term calorie deficit

The majority of clients we work with, whether general population or athletes eat too little. Most people decrease their calories out of fear of gaining fat, because it’s all about the calories right? Wrong! During the seminar we learned that we need to stop matching the intake of food with the output of exercise, because this can block permanent change.

A short and long term decrease in calories can lead to malnutrition, metabolic stress and/or dysfunction, which can negatively impact your basal metabolic rate. This in turn can lead to fat gain instead of fat loss.

Increasing calories with healthy foods and the right targeted supplementation can eventually repair these deficiencies, improving all systems of the body leading to more efficient and consistent fat loss. So decreasing caloric intake when fat loss halts isn’t always the smartest thing you can do. So what should you do? See point two.


2) There are multiple nutritional systems you can use for each client. Nobody is the same!

There is no standard nutritional plan for everyone, and no plan works forever as it is just like training. Most training plans have a truly beneficial effect for around 6-8 workouts, after that the body adapts. This also accounts for following the same diet, which only works for so long. Your metabolism is very adaptive and reactive and will compensate when you eat in a certain way.

Cycling your nutrition plans will keep your metabolism guessing, which in turn will keep your thyroid activity elevated, your leptin levels stable and your blood sugar levels regulated. So cycling different nutritional plans at the right time will reduce metabolic compensation and will keep you or your client’s metabolism optimal. During the seminar we went through carb cycling, isocaloric, carb back loading and other nutritional systems in great detail. And with each one, real life client case studies were gone through by Daine and Stefan, from average general population clients all the way up to Olympic medal athletes that they work with.

The best thing for me as a gym owner is that at the course you learn how to use the iNutrition Pro software to do all of this above, which takes away much of the guess work and allows you to make the right nutritional choices for your clients, making cycling various nutritional plans easy. Because they are already in the software as templates. So rather than spending one hour creating a random plan, with the software you can cut that time down to 10 minutes which as a business owner is invaluable as it gives me back hours of time every week.


3) The importance of HECS (Hunger, energy, cravings and sex drive) when it comes to dropping calories

During the seminar we learned about HECS and how it should score a minimum of 7 out of 10 when dropping calories. What is HECS? On a scale from 1 to 10 ask your self the following 4 questions:

  1. (H) How hungry am I today? (0 being I could eat my couch and 10 being I could watch a movie without touching my girlfriends popcorn)
  2. (E) How energetic am I today? (0 meaning I can hardly get out of bed in the morning and 10 let’s train legs 3 times today).
  3. (C) Am I craving certain foods (0 give me chocolate, chips, cupcakes etc. and 10 I am aware of the existence of these foods, but not interested)
  4. (S) How is my sex drive today? (0 being calling off a VIP playmate pajama party at the Playboy Mansion and 10 feeling a cool breeze in the morning due to the tepee tent your ___ has made under the bed sheet)

If you score less than a 7 out of a 10 on all these questions, you’re probably dropping too fast and your progress will stagnate quickly. So maybe it’s time to change your nutritional plan to feel good, stay on track with your goals and keep burning fat.


iNutrition Abs Clean Health EvolveIn summary we from the Evolve Personal Health Institute highly recommend the iNutrition Pro level 1 certification to anyone interested in learning the latest cutting edge information on nutritional programming and how to write detailed nutritional programs for their clients. Besides getting fantastic information on nutrition, you will learn how to use a very valuable peace of software.

Besides that, it’s also completely compatible for BioPrint coaches, so for anyone who has done Coach Poliquin’s BioPrint course the software allows you to use all of the up to date protocols and shoots them out to your clients nutritional plan in a matter of seconds!

If you are a personal trainer, nutritionist or strength coach wanting to learn from these guys they are coming to Manchester, UK this October and November. We will be there attending the level 2, full details can be found here: Clean Health UK Courses Oct-Nov 2015 or by contacting the Clean Health Fitness institute at: admin@chfi.com.au or + 61 2 8094 9804.


Editors note: If you are living in Amsterdam in the Netherlands and would like to know more about the Evolve Personal Health Institute, Personal Training, Health or would like to get a personal iNutrition plan you can contact Michael or Sander at info@evolvehealth.nl.

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